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The Southern California
Golf Tour
Eric Tracy reviews 26 Southern California championship golf courses.
The Southern California Golf Tour
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The Southern California Golf Tour

Eric Tracy Plays and Reviews 24 Golf Courses

Was this a dream assignment, or what? When my boss called and asked if I had any interest in playing a different golf course every week and then writing a review in a project that would last nearly a year, I said, "you gotta be kidding!"

That's how Eric Tracy's Southern California Golf Tour was born. For nearly a year we reviewed a different golf course every week. Not only on the radio, but here on the Internet where we got to add pictures.

So have fun. Take a look around. Pick a course to go play. These are the best of the best. And check back often for course additions and review updates.

And don't forget, if you want access to private country clubs just sign up to play in charity golf tournaments being held there. For a listing of hundreds of tournaments check out the Charity Golf Online searchable database and we'll see you on the links!

Happy Golfing!



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